Logo Design Questions

What is a logo?

Simply put, a logo is a combination of text and images commonly used by businesses and organisations to aid and promote instant public recognition. It’s a graphical display of a company’s unique identity, through colours, visual elements and typography.

Does my business really need a logo?

In a word – yes. It’s very hard to establish any business without a logo. A logo is the ‘face’ of your business; it provides a mental shortcut to your product(s), service(s) or company. A logo defines your company’s distinctiveness and gives your target market a strong visual component, which, in turn, becomes the identifier by which your brand is acknowledged and recognised.

Why should I use professional logo designers?

Having a professional looking logo builds trust. Potential customers are more likely to engage, and do business with you, if you have a well designed brand behind you. If your logo looks like it was designed in Microsoft Word, by a niece or nephew, people may question how well you’d able to deliver your products or services.

How much does a logo cost?

We have several different packages available depending on your requirements. You can find further details on our Logo Packages Page here »

How long does the design process take?

That really depends on many factors but in general we aim to complete the entire process, from start to finish, within a couple of weeks to a month. You can read more about our logo design process here »

I’m just starting up, when should I look at getting a logo designed?

If you are starting a business (no matter what size or in what sector), your logo should be one of the very first things you give thought to. Every enterprise that wants to build a professional, recognisable brand, and leave a mark on public awareness, designs a logo. The motive behind this is to attract enough customer attention toward the design and direct traffic toward their business.

But what makes a logo a ‘good’ logo?

Having just ‘any’ logo is not enough to create good brand identity. A badly executed logo can very easily damage the image of your company. On the other hand, a well crafted, carefully designed logo can reach the buying public and communicate the worth of your company or product to them. A ‘good’ logo is a well designed, well thought-out design that effectively, and uniquely re-enforces everything your business offers.

What should a well designed logo help me achieve?

Your logo should attract the attention of your target client, through a design that either appeals to them visually, or establishes that the business provides a service that satisfies their needs. This is significant in a marketplace with comparable products, as it may be the only way to distinguish your products and services from the competition.

A good company logo should be unique, clear and memorable to potential customers. In general, a logo should help convey some information about your company, and be designed in a way that gives a clear sense of meaning about its industry or its services.

How can I get in touch?

If you have any further questions or require any information about our services simply fill in our contact form or give us a call us on 01248 852 581 – we’d love to hear from you!